Tel Aviv is one of the most vibrant cities in the world.
“The city which never sleeps” is a center for nightlife, cuisine, culture, and liberalism. Bordered on one side by the Mediterranean and long stretches of sandy beaches, and on the other by glass towers housing technology companies in what is considered to be the world’s second most important hi-tech area, it has it all.

A youthful, modern metropolis with a diverse population,  dates back only to 1909.
Clubs, bars, a thriving arts community, gay life and beaches attract artists, musicians and young professionals to Tel Aviv’s more secular scene.

One Day in Tel Aviv

The city receives about 2.5 million international visitors annually, the fifth-most-visited city in the Middle East & Africa.

It is an international hub of highly active and diverse nightlife with bars, dance bars and nightclubs staying open well past midnight, an international center of fashion and design, the best gay city in the world, has the highest number of museums per capita of any country and is a ‘must visit’ in Israel

Jaffa - Tel Aviv
Jaffa – Tel Aviv
Bauhaus Architecture in Tel Aviv
Bauhaus Architecture
Tel Aviv coastline
Tel Aviv Skyline
Tel-Aviv boardwalk
Rotschild Blvd. Tel Aviv
Rotschild Blvd.
Visit Tel Aviv
Street corner
Yarkon River Tel-Aviv
Yarkon River
Sea of Tel-Aviv
Jaffa port tel-aviv
Jaffa port
People on Tel-Aviv Beach in Israel
On the Beach in Israel
tel-aviv architecture
Unique architecture
Tel-aviv high rises
Financial district high rises

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