Roman Glass Pendant in Flower Shaped Silver Frame

$84.95 $77.95

This is an intricate example of Roman glass jewelry, which will add a touch of style and class to your outfit.  Enjoy a pendant which is both historic and beautiful.


You don’t need a second glance to know that this is a beautifully crafted pendant. Very simply, it is both pleasing on the eye and will make an attractive accessory to any outfit. At its very center is a round and glimmering piece of ancient Roman glass. This forms the focal point of the whole item. Yet, it is also surrounded by an intricately designed sterling silver frame, which evokes the powerful image of a perfectly formed flower. This is topped off by an equally elegant silver clasp too.

Size (cm): 37.15×26.58 mm. ,RD 13.59 mm.
Size ( Inch): 1.45 x 1 inch
Design: Floral
Material: 925 Sterling Silver, Roman Glass
Color: Silver
Product Category: Israeli Jewelry, Pendant, Roman Glass Jewelry