Red String Kabbalah Bracelet w/ Medallion Against Evil Eye

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Kabbalah bracelet (bendel) with red string in leather comes with choice of sterling silver medallion- ward off the Evil Eye or attract positive energy for good health, prosperity, love, or pregnancy.

Remove negative influences and, more importantly, eradicate negativity forever!

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According to Kabbalah, Judaism’s mystical tradition, red is a color associated with strength and power, and a red string (also known as a bendel) protects people from the Evil Eye (Ayin Hara in Hebrew) – a very powerful negative force.

The Evil Eye refers to the unfriendly glances we sometimes get from people around us. When people look at us jealously or out of malice, their gaze can affect us, keeping us from realizing our full potential.

This Kabbalah red string bracelet brings the power of the red string to your hands in a sturdier, more durable form. The ‘red string’ against the Evil Eye is made from a smooth strip of red leather.

Size (cm):
string: 18, pendant :1.7
Size ( Inch):
string: 7, pendant :0.6
Design: Evil Eye
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Color: Silver
Product Category:
Israeli Jewelry
Evil Eye Jewelry
Kabbalah Jewelry
Red String