Red String Bracelet with Silver Hamsa Charm

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Get double protection with this sterling silver red string bracelet with a Hamsa pendant.  Both are known to wear off the evil eye and bad luck.


This is a very special piece of Jewish jewelry with lots of meaning. The red string, from a Kabalistic view, protects the wearer and wards off evil and bad luck. Wound around Rachel’s Tomb seven times and then cut into pieces, this scarlet wool thread should then be worn on the left hand,  The Hamsa, which originates in the Middle East and North Africa, is a luck charm to ward off evil and bad luck, it is the protective hand of G-d. Wearing this bracelet will give the wearer double protection.

Size (cm): Pendant 2
Size ( Inch): Pendant 0.78
Design: Evil Eye, Hamsa
Material: Nickel
Color: Silver
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