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you will acquire a basic vocabulary of over 1,300 words
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    Sightseeing | Wandering around town | Visiting a museum | Greetings | Polite phrases | Numbers | Learn to count in Hebrew | Weather report | Regularly used adjectives and their comparative forms | Days, months, and seasons | In case of an accident | The human body | Injuries and illnesses | In the pharmacy | Money | At a restaurant and asking for the bill | Reading and understanding a menu | Sports | Shopping | Cooking | Organizing trips | Household items | Family | Babysitting | Animals | School and university | Entertainment | Communication | Telephone conversation | Transportation | Traveling by bus, train, airplane | Buying transit tickets | Traveling by car | At the gas station | Book a flight | At the airport | Ask for directions | Writing a letter | Ordering online | Handcraft | Making new friends | An evening at the cinema | Fruit | Vegetables | Grocery shopping | Countries | Crime | Pronouns | Time | In a hotel | The most important verbs | Clothing | Fashion | And much more !

You can have your first conversation after 3 hours and become fluent after 50 hours – for PCs, smartphones and tablets!