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General Info & Terminology

Eilat Stone, also known as King Solomon stone, is named after the Israeli city of Eilat, which sits on the southernmost border of the country.
Eilat stone


A wonderful incorporation of history and beautiful jewelry design, Roman Glass jewelry is a unique category of Israeli jewelry that is made up of precious metals like Sterling silver or gold with pieces of actual Roman glass in them.


Anointing oils help show, in a symbolic form, faith in Jesus Christ. That he will answer our prayers and connect with us, bringing divine intervention

Anointing oil (in Hebrew שמן המשחה Shemen haMishkhah, oil of anointing) was an important part of the ordination of priests and kings in biblical times and the Temples in Jerusalem.

Israel is known for its high quality olive oil, and here’s why. Extra virgin olive oil is defined as being made from pure, cold-pressed olives, without any processed oils involved.

In the garden of Eden, alongside the Tree of knowledge of good and evil, stood a unique tree of life. This tree provides immortality to those who eat its fruit and was forbidden to Adam and Eve.
Tree of Life

Much mystery surrounds the tree of life. Folklore from various religions and regions around the world describe the tree of life, each to their own understanding and culture.

Superstition and the ayin hara, the evil eye, plays an interesting role in Judaism. Not only are these superstitions folklore that have been passed down from generation to generation.


Cleansing Dead Sea Mud makes soaps, and skin cleansers better – just DON’T call it DIRT.

Dead Sea water, minerals, and mud are famed for their high Nutrient salt content. The sea itself is so dense that it is impossible to sink and one should never dive beneath its surface.

Not only is it the lowest point on earth, but the Dead Sea Salt contains some of the most valuable minerals for your skincare.  As a result, the range of

The custom of tying a red string (also known as “red string of fate”, “red thread”, “red thread of fate”) to the wrist is already mentioned in the Book of Genesis (chapter 38, verse 27-29) – The midwife who assisted Tamar to give birth to twin brothers tied a scarlet…


So what is a Hamsa? You have probably seen the Hamsa hand, maybe even saw it and thought it was a pretty symbol without really knowing what exactly it meant. Depending on the culture or the region you’re from, you might have seen

The teachings of the Kabbalah have made a significant impact on the world and in Israel in particular.  With a growing number of Kabbalah inspired objects, the Kabbalah has been introduced to the world of jewelry accessories which now enjoys a growing popularity.
Kabbalah symbols

Nowadays, the Star of David is the most recognizable sign of the Jewish identity. The Star of David can be seen inside Jewish homes and synagogues.


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