Eilat, the southernmost city in Israel, is considered the undisputed holiday capital of the state.
Eilat provides visitors with a spectacular combination of mountainous desert landscape, a beautiful bay and the summer sun that shines all through the year.
Tourism is a major employment sector in the city, with dozens of hotels and guesthouses that offer more than 12,000 rooms. In 1985, Eilat was declared as a “free trade zone”, and its Tax-Free status certainly attracts many tourists.

Eilat’s climate is considered bi-seasonal. The summer is about 9 months long, while the winter only lasts about 3 – 4 months, from November to February. The hottest month of the year is August, with temperatures soaring above 40° C, while the coldest is January with an average temperature of 12.9 ° C.

Here is a quick look into some of Eilat’s sites:

EILAT Hotels
EILAT A view of Hotels Area
A view of Hotels Area
EILAT The Coral Beach Underwater Observatory Marine Park
Coral Beach Nature Reserve
Eilat Red Sea
The Red Sea
Eilat Sunset
Eilat Sunset
The Dolphin Reef
The Dolphin Reef
Eilat Beach
Visit the Beach
Eilat underwater observatory
Underwater observatory
Eilat desert hike
A desert hike – the wildlife
The Eilat coral reef
The coral reef
The Beach
Mountain Hike
A Mountain Hike
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